Sunday, June 29, 2008

Book of the month - Linux Server Hacks

I just read through most of O'Reilly's Linux Server Hacks book.
I expected another dull Linux how-to book, which goes over the man/info of the most obvious commands, but instead I found an interesting, original, advanced hardcore book, full of Linux goodies to brag about in front of my colleagues.

toilet fun

Some note worthy items:

  • A thought effective usage of SSH, especially as a secure channel for moving bits around the network, between a pair of processes each running on its own host.

  • How to reset your root password, without a rescue disk, using the LILO boot loader.

  • I didn't knew about ext2/3 chattr and lsattr before reading the book...

  • Periodical rsync runs could save a lot wasted scp time.

  • (#44) burning a CD over the network using a pipe - cool

  • (#50) setting up a VPN using IPIP tunneling :-)

  • (#57) lsof - hey, I've been using it for years.

  • (#63) loved to learn that the send_arp utility can help me to revoke all of the subnet's machine (and router?) IP->mac mapping. Handy when setting up a two bits IP fail-over system.

  • (#68) ssh-agent - now I know what it is - very useful in the hands of an all mighty admin ruling over hundreds of minions machines.

  • (#73) loved the one-liners perl scriptlets.

To conclude, a must have in your bathroom library.


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